Preclinical Development

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Preclinical translational research acts as the link between basic research and clinical care of patients. In parallel to the experimental basic research in the field of mast cell-mediated diseases, patients with these clinical symptoms and their differential diagnoses are treated for in consultation hours of cooperating university hospital. This direct contact makes it possible to gain numerous insights that open up new clinical and scientific questions. In addition, through direct exchange, the impact of scientific findings and potential future therapeutic procedures on the reality of patients' lives can be characterized and investigated.


Research focus areas:

  • Development of biomarkers to identify disease endotypes and therapy response to optimize personalized therapies
  • Preclinical testing of new therapeutic procedures on cell-based in vitro and ex vivo models (primary cell cultures, cell lines, induced pluripotent stem cells, organ cultures)
  • Characterization of mechanisms of action of new substances on the functions of mast cells and other immune cells
  • Biobanking of patient samples
  • Development and validation of tools to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with mast cell-mediated diseases and differential diagnoses
  • Development and validation of PROMs (patient-reported outcome measures) and control tests for diseases
  • Development and validation of instruments for recording disease activity