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Here you find all press releases and further notifications, as well as all events of Fraunhofer ITMP.

Press Release / 22.5.2024

Researchers Tracking Down Rare Hereditary Diseases

Malfunctions of the proteins FLVCR1 and FLVCR2 lead to rare hereditary diseases in humans that cause motor, sensory and neurological disorders. Researchers from Fraunhofer ITMP, Goethe University Frankfurt, and the MPI for Biophysics now deciphered the FLVCR proteins’ 3D structures and their previously unknown cellular function. The interdisciplinary team of researchers has shown that the proteins transport the cellular building blocks choline and ethanolamine. Their findings contribute significantly to understanding the pathogenesis of rare diseases and developing new therapies.

News / Press Release / 3.5.2024

AI to understand neurological damage following SARS-CoV-2 infection

Does a SARS-CoV-2 infection result in an increased risk for damage to the brain, including Alzheimer or Parkinson disease? This pressing medical question forms the basis of the EU-funded COMMUTE project (COMmorbidity Mechanisms UTilized in HealthcarE). Based on artificial intelligence driven prediction of common druggable disease mechanisms, Fraunhofer ITMP supports this joint research consortium with patient-derived in-vitro models of the brain and the brain vasculature based on induced pluripotent stem cells.

News / Press Release / 15.4.2024

COVend welcomes the first patients in the pioneering ARDS clinical trial IXION 2.0

Fraunhofer ITMP is part of the EU-funded COVend consortium, which has now announced the enrolment of first patients in the IXION 2.0 clinical trial at the Goethe University Hospital Frankfurt. Following a strategic change in the project's objective in light of the evolving dynamics of COVID-19, the study aims to investigate the potential benefits of the innovative therapeutic agent FX06 for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) patients.

Research Divisions

Fraunhofer ITMP is organized in 3 cross-site research divisions.


Drug Discovery


From target to screening to lead optimization and formulation.


Preclinical Research


Translational cycles and OMICs analyses for characterization of biological mechanisms and novel targets.


Clinical Research


From „Proof-of-Concept“ to the characterization of established products: “Quality by Design” for successful translation of innovative ideas.

Innovation Areas

Fraunhofer ITMP is optimally interconnected internally as well as externally with other Fraunhofer institutes, universities and industry via the innovation areas. This is the prerequisite for transdisciplinary and flexible cooperation in the areas of new technologies, disease and treatment concepts.

Institute Locations


Locations of Fraunhofer ITMP


Fraunhofer ITMP, with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, currently has four additional institute locations in Hamburg, Göttingen, Berlin and Penzberg/Munich.


Headquarters of Fraunhofer ITMP

Frankfurt am Main


The site has strong expertise in pharmacology and clinical trials in immune-mediated diseases and pain. 


Discovery Research ScreeningPort



The site has strong expertise in high-throughput drug discovery (in silico, in vitro screening and drug repurposing) as well as a broad offering in "medical data science".


Translational Neuroinflammation and Automated Microscopy TNM


The site has strong expertise in high- and super-resolution microscopy techniques; as well as neuroinflammation and degenerative diseases.


Immunology and Allergology IA


The site has strong expertise in dermatology, allergology, and immunological mast cell-mediated inflammatory diseases of the skin.


Immunology, Infection and Pandemic Research IIP


The site has strong expertise in developing interventions to address the outbreak of new and spread of existing infectious diseases.