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Here you find all press releases and further notifications, as well as all events of Fraunhofer ITMP.

News / Press Release / 28.11.2023

Fraunhofer ITMP Celebrates Milestone as Rallybio Releas-es Preliminary Data for RLYB212 Phase 1 Study

Fraunhofer ITMP is at the forefront of innovative therapies. Preliminary data from the RLYB212 study reveals promising outcomes in the battle against fetal and neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia(FNAIT), a rare but serious disease that affects newborns. 

The completion of the RLYB212 toxicology package, including the maternal and child toxicology program, represents a significant step forward.

Press Release / 14.11.2023

Fraunhofer and DESY strengthen their collaboration

Fraunhofer, DESY, Hereon and EMBL sign MoU for closer collaboration. Fraunhofer ITMP participates in the health area and already brought this cooperation to life with the “Fraunhofer at DESY: Focus on BioMed” workshop on November 9th 2023. The joint proposal on “The role of antibiotic influx and efflux in antimicrobial resistance of Gram-negative bacteria” from ITMP (experiment design, probes), IAP-CAN (nanoparticle markers) and DESY (imaging) has been awarded as one of the pilot projects.

Press Release / 22.9.2023

New therapeutics and entrepreneurship - TheraNova Summer School

The Summer School of the Innovation Center TheraNova took place in Darmstadt on September 11 and 12, 2023. Invited speakers reported on various aspects of the translation of cell and gene therapies into clinical application. Participants had the opportunity to exchange information on their projects’ progress, take part in an excursion to the European Space Agency ESA, engage in a workshop on the topic of intellectual property, and learn about spin-offs and entrepreneurship in an open roundtable discussion with startup founders.

Press Release / 14.6.2023

Integrating Health Data to aid Clinical Decision-making for Lung Cancer Patients

The newly formed IDERHA consortium, consisting of academia, industry, health authorities, clinicians, and patient representatives, addresses the obstacles in accessing, integrating and analysing health data to maximize their value for patient care and research. Focusing on lung cancer, IDERHA wants to use complex digital health data to improve patient health outcomes by enabling more personalized care.

Press Release / 6.6.2023

Hamburg and Marseille fight antimicrobial resistance together

The increasing resistance of bacteria against antibiotics represents a major threat for human health. On May 25 the University of Aix-Marseille, the Universität Hamburg and Fraunhofer ITMP signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Marseille to jointly develop novel drugs that eliminate resistance mechanisms in bacteria and thereby improve the efficacy of antibiotics. 

News / 15.2.2023

Podcast on the "4D Clinic - Interdisciplinary Help for People with Immune Diseases"

Immune diseases, such as rheumatism or psoriasis, are systemic diseases that often affect several organ systems simultaneously. An interdisciplinary approach is absolutely necessary for the optimal care of patients. This is implemented at Fraunhofer ITMP in the concept of the 4D Clinic. Professor Frank Behrens, deputy director of the institute, describes in the Fraunhofer podcast why the 4D Clinic is unique and what the concept can achieve for patients and research.

Research Divisions

Fraunhofer ITMP is organized in 3 cross-site research divisions.


Drug Discovery


From target to screening to lead optimization and formulation.


Preclinical Research


Translational cycles and OMICs analyses for characterization of biological mechanisms and novel targets.


Clinical Research


From „Proof-of-Concept“ to the characterization of established products: “Quality by Design” for successful translation of innovative ideas.

Innovation Areas

Fraunhofer ITMP is optimally interconnected internally as well as externally with other Fraunhofer institutes, universities and industry via the innovation areas. This is the prerequisite for transdisciplinary and flexible cooperation in the areas of new technologies, disease and treatment concepts.

Institute Locations


Locations of Fraunhofer ITMP


Fraunhofer ITMP, with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, currently has four additional institute locations in Hamburg, Göttingen, Berlin and Penzberg/Munich.


Headquarters of Fraunhofer ITMP

Frankfurt am Main


The site has strong expertise in pharmacology and clinical trials in immune-mediated diseases and pain. 


Discovery Research ScreeningPort



The site has strong expertise in high-throughput drug discovery (in silico, in vitro screening and drug repurposing) as well as a broad offering in "medical data science".


Translational Neuroinflammation and Automated Microscopy TNM


The site has strong expertise in high- and super-resolution microscopy techniques; as well as neuroinflammation and degenerative diseases.


Immunology and Allergology IA


The site has strong expertise in dermatology, allergology, and immunological mast cell-mediated inflammatory diseases of the skin.


Immunology, Infection and Pandemic Research IIP


The site has strong expertise in developing interventions to address the outbreak of new and spread of existing infectious diseases.