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Immunology and Allergology

Immunology and Allergology of the Fraunhofer Institute for Translational Medicine and Pharmacology (ITMP) operates in close collaboration with the Institute of Allergology at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Our research and development efforts explore, validate, and test novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for allergic and immunological diseases, especially mast cell-mediated skin disorders. We focus on the identification, characterization, and validation of innovative therapeutic strategies that withstand preclinical testing and extend to practical clinical implementation. Emphasis is placed on the development of screening programs for new biomarkers and predictors of disease, the investigation of previously unknown autoallergens, as well as the creation of detection methods for IgE autoantibodies. Our primary objective is to continually optimize treatment options, enhancing the quality of life of patients with allergic and immunological conditions.

With the Berlin initiative, a nationally unique flagship project has emerged, uniting both the new Fraunhofer ITMP site for Immunology and Allergology and Charité's Institute of Allergology under one roof. This close link results in optimal synergy potential between academic research and healthcare, facilitating the translation of research insights into clinical applications.

“Allergies are the most common chronic disease. In addition to the personal suffering of those affected, allergies also have a significant impact on performance at school and at work. The topic of allergy is a challenge for society as a whole, one that not only affects the medical sciences, but runs through all areas of life from the food industry to urban planning” - Prof. Dr. Torsten Zuberbier

Our newly established location comprises three departments: Drug Discovery, preclinical research, and clinical research.

Arbeitsgruppen am Standort


Drug Discovery

Knowledge transfer from the lab to the patient and back again!

We explore fundamental mechanisms of mast cell biology and mast cell-mediated diseases. These findings are applied to the identification and validation of biomarkers, novel drugs and the development of new therapeutic strategies.


Preclinical Development

Translation of findings from basic experimental research to clinical patient care.


Clinical Research

In the context of clinical research, clinical trials are conducted to explore and develop new therapeutic approaches to improve patient care and quality of life.


Site Management

The site management coordinates administration, personnel, IT, early research funding, and purchasing.

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