Innovation Areas

Fraunhofer ITMP is organized in 9 cross-site and cross-divisional innovation areas, which provide a transdisciplinary and flexible approach to research using new technologies, disease and treatment concepts. The agile teams span the research divisions Drug Discovery, Preclinical and Clinical Research, where new disease related research concepts developed and examined.


Drug Screening & Compound Repurposing

A powerful platform for discovering compounds to investigate disease mechanisms and initiating drug discovery programs.


Pharmaceutical Technology

Streamlining the formulation development of poorly soluble drugs by harnessing computational pharmaceutics, rDCS, biorelevant in vitro testing and PBPK modeling. 




Generation of high-resolution molecular profiles to understand the mechanism-of-action of disease processes and identify new drug targets and biomarkers.


Cross-functional Imaging

Innovative methods for the investigation of pathomechanisms up to the non-invasive visualization of disease patterns in patients.


Immunopathology & Immune Tolerance

Development of innovative pharmaceuticals capable of inducing regulatory immune cells for the treatment of immune- mediated inflammatory diseases.


Disease Models


Predictive preclinical and clinical disease models for the evaluation of disease hypotheses and characterization of active substances.


4D Clinic


Optimized investigation and treatment of immune diseases by integrating transdisciplinary research along the 4D into interdisciplinary patient care.


Proof-of-Concept & Clinical Studies

Successful translation of preclinical innovations by optimized study design, quality-assured infrastructure and longtime experience.


Medical Data Science

Make FAIR enabled human data sets a key resource to enable health research.