"COVID-19 Knowledge Space" - Orientation in the flood of data on SARS-CoV-2

Translational Medicine /

With the new website "COVID-19 KnowledgeSpace", Fraunhofer SCAI – together with Fraunhofer IME, Fraunhofer IAIS, the Information Center for Life Sciences ZBMED and other research partners – is opening a new kind of knowledge space with analysis tools and information on COVID-19. This website provides central services that allow access to publicly available data on current COVID-19 research.

The participating institutes have extensive expertise in the organization and curation of data in entire indication areas. Fraunhofer IME at its site in Hamburg will contribute its expertise in linking chemical and structural information of drug molecules with antiviral properties against COVID-19 and other data, such as toxicity and possible side effects, that can be extracted from public databases. This allows new insights into disease development and possible treatment options, and facilitates quick testing of new hypotheses against publicly available data. The MAVO project "Human Brain Pharmacome" serves as a basis for these models.