Pharmaceutical Technology

The innovation area Pharmaceutical Technology offers expertise in formulation development of drugs and drug candidates, with a focus on oral and parenteral dosage forms, with over 50 years of experience, more than a dozen patents and extensive consulting to the pharmaceutical industry.


Core competencies:

  • Refined Development Classification System (rDCS)
  • Biowaivers
  • Design of enabling formulations for oral drug delivery
  • Biorelevant dissolution testing
  • Transfer model
  • Physiologically based pharmcokinetic modeling (PBPK)
  • Nanoparticular formulations
  • Liposome formulations


  • Drug characterization
  • Classification according to the refined Developability Classification Scheme for oral dosage forms
  • Formulation feasibility studies including evaluation  of various enabling technologies


  • Formulation selection
  • Assessment of development and scale-up risks
  • Biorelevant release studies tailored to the formulation type

PBPK modeling and simulation to predict performance in target patient population(s)


Together with four universities and leading pharmaceutical companies, an end-to-end animal-free, computational approach to formulation and development of drugs for oral administration is being designed.


With Fraunhofer partner institutes we are creating a lipsomal formulation for vaccination against respiratory infections. 

Partner: Fraunhofer ITEM, IZI, IPA, FEP

Additional information

Biorelevant media to assess drug interactions with acid-reducing agents

In cooperation with a pharmaceutical company we have developed specialized dissolution tests to assess risks associated with co-administration of drugs with acid-reducing agents. 

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